Southeastern Community College provides career planning to assist students who are undecided about their career goals. Various assessment tools are used to help individuals explore personal interests, work values, abilities, and personalities to match possible career choices.

Step 1: Self-assessment is the first and best step in sound career exploration.

Listed below are links to assessments that will help guide your discussion about careers with an SCC Career Counselor.

Jung Typology Test (MBTI)

  • Discover careers and occupations most suitable for your personality type with this assessment.
  • Take the Jung Typology Test or make an appointment to take the assessment on paper.
  • After taking the assessment, write down the resulting four letters and percentages. Discuss your preferences during your meeting with an SCC Counselor.

College Foundation of North Carolina

  • Create an account at (you may have created an account when applying to SCC).
    • Click on Plan, For a Career, and Learn About Yourself. Take some or all of the nine different assessments to learn about your values, interests, and skills.
  • Make a note of your results, and discuss your findings with an SCC Counselor.

Step 2: Gather career information

Step 3: Discuss your options

  • Make an appointment with an SCC Career Counselor by email.
  • Also talk to your advisor, SCC faculty, and former or current students to get the inside scoop.

Step 4: Continue researching career options

  • Join a student club.
  • Set up a job shadowing experience with a professional in your field of interest.
  • Participate in Student Exploration Days and attend campus events.
  • Research career options and begin building your resume
  • N.C. Works Online


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