Students are provided tutoring services and computer access in the Williamson Library. These educational resources are available to currently enrolled students free of charge. Appointments are scheduled for tutoring sessions according to the availability of the students and tutors. 

Tutoring sessions may take place in face-to-face or virtual sessions. Face-to-face sessions are conducted in the Williamson Library. Online tutoring sessions are provided through Collaborate, which is a platform included in the Rams Online portal.  

Meet your Tutors

If you need to schedule a tutoring session with one of the tutors listed below or you need help in a subject area not listed, please contact the Williamson Library at 910-788-6386.

Area of Study Subjects/Classes Tutor
Nursing & Healthcare Nursing


Caitlyn Cartrette
Jamie BowenFelicia Edwards
Science and Math Biology, Chemistry Dr. Sybil Murray
Physics Dr. Gail Ruby
Math Clint Spivey
English  English Samantha Castagnino
Others BUS 110, CIS 110, DBA 110, OST 136, OST 141, OST 148 Wendy Brock