2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan


Success – we believe an individual’s success becomes the success of the institution​

Integrity– we are committed to excellence and honesty in everything we do  

Respect– we promote inclusiveness, diversity, and compassion for all people​

Adaptability– we are responsive and innovative in meeting the needs of our students and community​

Collaboration – we work as a team fostering internal and external partnerships

Long Term Goals

  1. Increase SCC enrollment through existing college programs and the development of new programs that support student success and community job growth.​
    2026 Target: Increase college FTE by 25%​
  2. Increase SCC Foundation support for college programs through gifts, donations and grants awarded. ​
    2026 Target: Increasing funding of unrestricted gifts by 25% and awarded grants by 40% ​ 
  3. Improve college infrastructure that supports existing programs, future programming for student/community success.​
    2026 Target: Increase funding support on college infrastructure by 25%​
  4. Expand the diversity of our faculty and staff through inclusive hiring practices promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workspace.
    2026 Target: Increase diversity among faculty and staff by 25% ​
  5. Engage college employees and the citizens of Columbus County in activities that support a healthy community. ​
    2026 Target: Increase the level of activity in college-sponsored community and health activities by 25%​

Short Term Goals

To be completed by June 30, 2021.

  1. Programming/Enrollment– To identify education and training programs relevant to the needs of our community and business/industry.​
  2. Funding – To identify donors of restricted and unrestricted gifts to the SCC Foundation and increase participation by 25%.​
  3. Infrastructure – Provide informed feedback on facilities, partnerships, technology to infrastructure consultant for accuracy of the master plan. ​
  4. Employee Diversity & Development – To identify the current demographics of our team, professional development opportunities and desired outcomes for both. ​
  5. Community Engagement and Health – Plan and execute our first community and health engagement event for Spring 2022.​