Student Life

Intercollegiate Sports

Southeastern Community College feels that athletics is another way to allow students to become well-rounded individuals. The College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and offers men’s baseball and women’s softball. Teams compete against two-year and four-year college JV/Club teams. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to support our athletes by attending games.

Funding for the athletic program comes from student activity fees, the SCC Foundation, self-supporting, and fundraising activities. Scholarships are available for student-athletes. Contact the Athletic Director at 910.788.6289 for more information on our athletic programs.



Student Activities

The Student Engagement Office is committed to complimenting the academic experience. Students have the opportunity to become engaged through a variety of educational, cultural, entertaining, and fun programs throughout the year. Located in the Nesmith Student Center, this department is a link to SCC clubs, organizations and community resources.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA provides an avenue for student participation in the organization and leadership of student-related campus activities. The SGA sponsors special events for all students throughout the year. It also provides funds for other student organizations and athletics. SGA officers are elected annually by the student body. By virtue of the state statute, the SGA President is a non-voting member of SCC’s Board of Trustees.

Student Organizations

The College encourages the formation of student organizations in order to provide as many students as possible with opportunities to organize according to their interests, to interact with one another, and to derive the benefits of other members’ experiences and resources.

In order for student organizations to become chartered as official college organizations and to be eligible to receive funding from the SGA, they must comply with the guidelines established by the Student Engagement Office.

Procedures for Handling Student Organization Funds

The Student Engagement Coordinator, Vice President of Student Services, Director of Institutional Advancement and the College President must approve any solicitation of funds, goods, or services.

Student Activities Sponsored by Campus Organizations

All events on or off-campus using the name of Southeastern Community College or implying such sponsorship must have the advance official approval of the Student Engagement Coordinator, Vice President of Student Services, Director of Marketing and Outreach and the College President.


Meg Sellers

Student Engagement Coordinator

(910) 788-6416

Nesmith Building, Rm 101