Looking to hire a FWS?

Any instructor or staff member that is looking to hire a FWS student must first complete a Federal College Work Study Request Form. Please note that there are two versions of this form, one for a new job title and one for a recurring request.

If this is your first request, or this is a new position that you are wanting to add, you would need to complete the Federal College Work Study Request Form for New Job Title. This form must include detailed duties and responsibilities so a job description may be created.

If this is a request for a position that you have previously filled, please complete the Federal College Work Study Recurring Request Form. Be sure to review the current job description to ensure that no changes need to be made.

Also, if you know the name or names of the student(s) that you would like to hire, please contact Kimberly Lowery in the Financial Aid Office to make sure that the student(s) qualifies for the FWS program. If the student qualifies, they will need to complete an application for the FWS program.

Your request form will need to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Funding is limited and there is no guarantee that all requests can/will be filled.

Upon receipt of your request and depending on funding, a job posting will be created on the FWS website. As applications are received and reviewed for eligibility, you will by contacted by Kimberly Lowery with candidate information so that further review and interviews may take place. After you have made your selection, the job posting will be removed from the site.


Kimberly Lowery

Financial Aid Specialist

(910) 788-6251

A-Building, Rm 133