logoCampus Crusade for Christ (CRU) has been on college campuses for over 60 years – since 1951. The SCC chapter of CRU has been chartered since 2013 and members have been active throughout the campus community helping students grow in their faith.

CRU members are often asked to give prayer at campus events or functions. They also host the Christmas party for the student body, as well as the annual, See You At The Pole event. CRU meets weekly or monthly, depending on the schedules of members, for a time of prayer and devotion.

CRU offers students the opportunity to get involved in campus ministries and offers a supportive network for fellow Christians.

Visit www.cru.org for additional information about the CRU organization.

For additional information about CRU, contact Advisor Kimberly Lowery.

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Kimberly Lowery

Financial Aid Specialist

(910) 788-6251

A-Building, Rm 133