Below is a list of additional information for work-study supervisors. Failure to comply with any of these items may result in termination and cancellation of your Federal work-study student worker.

Student worker(s) are not allowed to start work until the new hire packet has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office and a Work Study Contract has been signed by the student.

Supervisors should maintain a signed/updated copy of the student worker’s official class/work schedule on record at all times. Any changes should be reported to the Financial Aid Office immediately.

Supervisor should provide clear and concise work instructions daily to the student worker(s) for clarity on the work assignment(s) given and expected completion times and dates.

Supervisor should provide instructions to the student of the appropriate dress code/office attire while employed by this office.

Supervisor understands that work-study students are not allowed to work during holidays, breaks, etc. unless prior written notification is submitted to the Financial Aid office and approval is granted and received for the proposed extenuated work dates.

Supervisor understands that the Federal Work-Study Program is a grant-based program and the monies available have to be “Earned” by the student(s); free money and/or monetary favors should not be paid to any student without proper consent and approval. Any Supervisor found out-of-compliance with this will be immediately cancelled from the program.

Supervisor understands that students will not be paid for time claimed during designated class periods – such action is out-of-compliance. It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the student worker(s) does not/do not claim time worked during scheduled class periods. Supervisor should refer to the student’s class schedule to determine possible violations. Supervisor should make adjustments to the students’ time sheet accordingly, if out-of-compliance is determined.

Supervisor understands that the Financial Aid office should be contacted immediately if any student expresses his/her desire to resign from area or is proposed for termination.

Supervisor understands that back-pay due to missed deadline/cut-off dates will be forfeited for the payroll month; and that payroll not reported as scheduled will be regarded as time not worked by the student – this is interpretation of the Financial Aid office. Supervisor concedes that any subsequent compensatory action sought by the student will be the responsibility of that department for the respective pay period.

Supervisors will be responsible for paying any earnings above the awarded amount via department funds. Timesheets are to be prepared efficiently and without error.

Supervisor acknowledges the following list of items as a failure to maintain compliance with the Federal Work-Study Program:

  • Incomplete information
  • Class Schedule Conflicts
  • Failure to submit timesheets before cut-off deadline
  • Failure to check timesheet for errors
  • Failure to monitor student’s timesheet to ensure projected time is worked
  • Failure to attend orientation and or work-study training sessions, as needed/required

By submitting a FWS request, the supervisor understands the responsibility of maintaining an accurate record of time worked daily for each work-study participant that they directly supervise. Also, the supervisor acknowledges that failure to maintain/follow each item noted above may be grounds for cancellation of work-study application.