To ensure that FWS students adhere to their expectations as well as have the opportunity to learn and grow during their employment, from time to time it may be necessary for a Supervisor to counsel or correct certain actions of the student employee. If this occurs, a Work Study Corrective Action Form should be completed by the Supervisor and discussed with the FWS student. Please note that a student will only be allowed a total of three (3) citations per academic year – at which time termination may be considered. A copy of any Corrective Action Forms should be sent upon completion to Kimberly Lowery in the Financial Aid office for addition to the FWS student record.

Corrective Action Form

If a student leaves the FWS position for whatever reason, a Termination form should be completed as soon as possible and should be forwarded to Kimberly Lowery in the Financial Aid office. Once the form is received in the Financial Aid office, the student’s FWS award will be adjusted accordingly and the termination will be filed in the student’s FWS record.

Status Change Form