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Program Description

The Associate of Science program allows students to complete their first two years of general college studies while living and working closer to home. The Associate of Science degree is comprised of a core of biological sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics with the integration of arts and humanities. After graduation, Associate of Science students apply their 60 hours of earned college credit towards a Bachelor’s degree at the university level. The course options at SCC allow for smooth transfer to the many four-year universities in North Carolina. While in the Associate of Science program at SCC, students will work closely with their academic advisors to choose courses that best align with their intended major at the university level. After graduation with an SCC Associate of Science degree, students are prepared to enter university programs in math, science, business, and many other pre-professional concentrations such as medicine or pharmacy. 


The Associate of Science degree has been developed to allow for the smooth transfer of courses and credits to a Bachelor’s degree at a university. Pathways called Baccalaureate Degree Plans ensure that students take the courses needed to enter specific programs at the university level. Articulation agreements both with public and private North Carolina universities ensure that SCC courses will transfer to the North Carolina four-year institution that the student plans to attend.  

Associate of Science graduates often pursue further study in programs/career fields such as agriculture, bio-engineering, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental studies, geography, geology, marine biology, mathematics, pharmacy, physics, pre-medicine, pre-veterinary, and more.

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Elizabeth High

Division Chair, Arts & Sciences and English Instructor

(910) 788-6367


Molly Baxter

Biology Instructor

(910) 788-6298

Daniel Britt

Physical Education Instructor/Baseball Coach


Jonathan Bullard

Math Instructor

(910) 788-6209

Michael Cance

Math Instructor

(910) 788-6280

Miranda Ellington

Music Instructor

(910) 788-6291

Marcus Gallagher

English Instructor

(910) 788-6371

Leroy Humphries

Biology Instructor

(910) 788-6242

Dr. James Hutcherson

Biology Instructor

(910) 788-6240

Kelly Jones

Communications Instructor

(910) 788-6308

Donte McDowell

Associate Division Chair Arts & Science/English Instructor

(910) 788-6265

Gary Nealy

Chemistry Instructor

(910) 788-6369

Richard Rabon

Psychology Instructor

(910) 788-6328

Darian Ransom

Math Instructor

(910) 788-6428

Mary Revels

Math Instructor

(910) 788-6218

Anna Richardson

English Instructor

(910) 788-6233

Karlyn Stephens

Physical Education Instructor/Athletic Director/Softball Coach

(910) 788-6289

Bradley Tyler

Psychology Instructor

(910) 788-6357

Paul Van Gilder

History Instructor

(910) 788-6300