Procedure 5.15.01 - Veterans Preference - Procedures

Veteran preference is defined as providing credit in the form of constructive service credit up to four years for related or unrelated military service for an eligible veteran. In evaluating qualifications, credit is given on a year for year and month for month basis for all military service training and experience which bears a reasonable functional relationship to the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position. Where the eligible veteran who has met the minimum qualification requirements but has less than four years of related military experience beyond that necessary to minimally qualify, the college will provide constructive service credit to include any unrelated military service to determine total years of experience to a maximum of four years. For initial employment or subsequent employment, the eligible veteran shall be hired when overall qualifications are substantially equal to the non-veterans in the most qualified applicant pool. For all otherwise qualified applicants for positions with Southeastern Community College, a preference shall be awarded to eligible veterans who served the United States honorably in either of the armed services during a period of war. This preference applies to initial employment with SCC and extends to other employment events including subsequent hiring, promotion, reassignment and lateral transfer.