Policy 6.10 - Use of Profits from Vending Machines and Other Convenience Concessions

In accordance with NCGS 115D-58.13, the Board of Trustees adopts the following policies for the budgeting, accounting and expenditure of funds generated through vending machines and other convenience concession activities: Profits may be used for the following purposes listed herewith and for no other purposes:

  1. Support of these operations.
  2. Matching student aid funds and for other forms of student financial aid.
  3. Expenditures of direct benefit to students.
  4. Institutional-related expenditures authorized by the Board.
  5. Food and other related entertainment expenses.

In accordance with 23 NCAC 2D.0312, funds generated through vending facilities, vending machines, and other convenience concession activities shall not be used to supplement the salary of the college president. Manual as revised March 17, 2006.)

Adopted: October 19, 1972

Revised: July 20, 2002