Policy 6.11 - Use of Profits from Bookstore Operations

In accordance with General Statutes 115D-58.13 and 115D-5(al) for the budgeting, accounting, and expenditures of funds generated through bookstore operating profits, the Board has adopted the following policy:

  1. Bookstore funds may be used for support of bookstore operating expenses including but not limited to salaries, supplies, travel, materials, operating resources, and equipment associated with the operation, support, and enhancement of the bookstore.
  2. Funds in excess of these operating expenses may be used in support of:
    • Student aid and/or scholarships
    • Other expenditures of direct benefit to students (e.g., funding of positions for financial aid; student support services, and support of The Student Government Association)
    • The construction and renovation of the Bookstore itself.
    • The Student Center (operations of student associations and activities, and the construction and renovation)
    • Student Support Services (operations of student services)
  3. Expenditures of all funds in excess of bookstore operating expenses will be approved in advance by the Board. Funds may not be used for:
    • Supplemental salaries or bonuses of any personnel
    • Administrative support of the college other than that allowed above
    • College entertainment expense (educational activities for non-college personnel or college personnel to enhance student success is permissible. Functions in which the primary purpose is lobbying or soliciting donations would be considered entertainment and are not permissible.)
    • Construction not listed in item 2 above.
  4. Prior to the fall semester, the Board will review and approve the amount of mark-up to be charged bookstore users. Textbook mark-ups will be consistent with standard publishers’ mark-ups, and every effort will be made to keep student textbook costs as low as possible.

Adopted: November 8, 1990

Revised: January 16, 2008