Procedure 7.07.01 - Allocation Information Systems


Identified needs are reported to the appropriate supervisor, division dean, vice president or president who incorporates this information into the college’s strategic planning process.  This process is used to further define the information systems resource needs, to develop proposed strategies for achieving desired outcomes, and to estimate the cost of accomplishing those proposed strategies.

Since financial resources may not be available to meet all requests, the college administration assigns priorities.  The highest priority in evaluating information systems resource requests is given to meeting instructional needs, followed closely by needs related to meeting state-mandated administrative operations.  Within the instructional division, priority is given to providing information systems resources for scheduled classes and to equipping an open lab available to students for practice sessions and computer-related class assignments.  Priority in the college’s administrative operations is given to the Administrative Software system on which student and financial records are maintained.

The college administration makes computer resources available to faculty and staff upon request, subject to available financial resources and approval.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to develop computer literacy skills, and in-house training is provided on a periodic basis.  In addition, full-time faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase microcomputers for personal use through a state plan allowing purchase at state contract prices and through the SCC Foundation, which provides interest-free loans for computer purchases.

Budget considerations may limit the college’s ability to purchase needed information systems resources.  In these instances, the college administration determines the allocation of available resources through the process described above.   Alternative sources of funds are sought to supplement state funds normally used for equipment purchases where possible.

Reviewed and Last Updated on October 19, 2020