Procedure 5.14.01 - Transfer of Employees and Promotion - Procedures

Although the president has the authority to deviate from these procedures, generally to consider a lateral transfer or promotion, the supervisor uses the following steps:

  1. Defines in writing the position announcement with the minimal qualifications necessary to fill the job.
  2. Announces the position internally, inviting candidates to obtain a position announcement from the Human Resources Office. The announcement includes all information normally contained in an external communication of a job opening.
  3. Follows the staffing procedure of initial screening, committee selection, and final recommendations to the next administrative level if more than one employee makes a written application for the position.
  4. Makes his/her recommendation to the next administrative level without further action if only one application is made by a qualified candidate.
  5. Internal candidates not selected for the position will be advised of their non-selection by the supervisor prior to the announcement of selected candidate.

The supervisor may recommend whether to use the internal lateral transfer/promotion process at the initiation of the staffing process. The supervisor may also recommend changing an internal process to an external process at any point during the staffing process. Generally, temporary employees not hired under the full staffing process are not eligible to be considered for positions under the internal screening process. They are eligible only when the process is external.



Reviewed: August 26, 2021