Procedure 2.01.03 - Student Lockers

The College provides lockers for temporary student use. The lockers are the property of the college and subject to inspection.

  1. The college reserves the right to have a periodic college-wide inspection of all lockers for the purpose of keeping lockers clean and ensuring that they are being used properly and do not contain any materials that are undesirable or illegal.
  2. The college also reserves the right to inspect any given locker when the administration or a faculty member has reasonable grounds for suspicion that the locker is not being used for its intended purpose.
  3. Two members of the faculty or staff jointly conduct any inspection of lockers. Further, inspection of any single locker on the grounds of reasonable suspicion always occurs in the presence of the student, if possible. The intended purpose of the lockers is to provide a place of safekeeping for student clothing, books, and other personal items. However, the college does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of student property left in the lockers. Lockers are not a place of safekeeping for food, drink, pornographic material, or contraband of any kind.



Reviewed: March 11, 2019