Policy 5.25 - Sick Leave

A regular full-time employee who is working or on paid leave for one-half or more of the regularly scheduled workdays in any month earns sick leave. The schedule of sick leave earned is as follows: hours earned monthly – 8; hours earned yearly – 96; days earned in one year – 12. A regular part-time employee earns sick leave on a pro-rata basis if working as much as one-half time. Accumulation Sick leave is cumulative indefinitely as of July 17, 1980.


Sick leave not to exceed the amount an employee can accumulate during the current fiscal year may be advanced by the president or his/her designee through the appropriate vice president. However, a negative leave balance must be removed through payroll adjustments prior to the end of the fiscal year unless special approval for other repayment arrangements is obtained from the vice president of administrative services.


To avoid the abuse of sick leave privileges, the supervisor may require a statement from a medical doctor or other acceptable proof that the employee was unable to work due to personal illness, family illness, or death in the family.


Sick leave may also be requested for

  1. medical appointments,
  2. illness of a member of the employee’s immediate family,
  3. and death in the employee’s immediate family if the absence extends longer than 3 days.

Sick leave is non-convertible to any other type of leave.


Unused sick leave may be transferred when an employee transfers between state agencies and/or from another community college to the college. Sick leave may also be transferred to and from county agencies (e.g., mental health, public health, social services, emergency management) and public schools if the head of the employing agency or school administrative unit is willing to accept it.

Separation Payment

Sick leave is not allowable in terminal leave payments when an employee separates from service. Should an employee be separated before he/she has earned all of the sick leave taken, it is necessary to make deductions from the final salary check for overdrawn leave on a day-for-day basis.

Retirement Credit

One month of retirement credit is allowed for every 20 days accrued in an employee’s sick leave account at the time of retirement for eligible employees who are members of the Retirement System.

Adopted: March 12, 1992

Revised:  July 20, 2010