Procedure 5.34.02 - Resignation & Departures

Full Time 

Employees leaving employment at the college must do the following:

  1. Submit a letter of resignation or departure to the president and have it acknowledged. The president should send a copy of both the resignation letter and acceptance of the resignation letter to the employee’s supervisor, human resources, payroll office.
    1. Professional employees are expected to provide a minimum of thirty days notice unless the president approves an exception.
    2. Non-exempt and hourly employees are expected to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice when leaving the college unless the president approves an exception.
  2. In conjunction with the supervisor, determine a final departure date, which includes all leave time and/or other considerations established between the appropriate supervisor and departing employee.
  3. In order that a terminating employee receives due benefits and in order that the institution may extend such benefits, it is necessary that all departments are notified of the employee’s termination. Each voluntary terminating employee should provide sufficient notice to ensure the clearance process is completed.  Terminating employees will be contacted by the Human Resources office to initiate the process of clearing the campus.

Employees must comply with all the above before the release of the final paycheck.


Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that part-time employees who are terminating their employment with the college have submitted all necessary records and have returned keys, equipment, or other items that belong to the college.



Reviewed: September 2, 2021