Procedure 5.40.01 - Professional Development Assistance

SCC’s Professional Development Assistance Program recognizes the need for continued professional growth and development of all SCC employees while also recognizing the varied roles of personnel within the college. The current source of funding for the Professional Development Assistance Program is the SCC Foundation. There are many acceptable ways of achieving professional growth, knowledge, and skills. Participation in this program is subject to approval and continued funding.

Application Process

The call for eligible employees to apply for professional development will be three (3) times a year: April 1-10 (summer activities/classes only), August 1-10 (fall activities/classes only), and December 1-10 (spring activities/classes only). Applications must be submitted on the professional development template located under Policies and Procedures on the SCC webpage and must be received during the specified application periods as noted in the preceding statement. They will be evaluated solely on the basis of the information contained in the application. (Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.) Individuals who are awarded professional development assistance will be notified in a timely fashion by their respective dean/vice president. Each employee applying for professional development assistance must:

  1. check his/her eligibility to apply with the appropriate dean/vice president;
  2. discuss his/her proposal, including proposed timing, alignment with the college strategic plan, goals, and strategies with his/her supervisor;
  3. complete the application which is located under Policies and Procedures on the SCC webpage; and,
  4. submit the completed application and appropriate documentation, including a copy of degree program, course descriptions, any additional information, and signatures of appropriate supervisors, to the Vice President of Workforce and Community Development by the specified deadline.

Applications will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the Professional Development Committee.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, employees must:

  1. have been employed full-time or salaried part-time by SCC for one (1) continuous year;
  2. have successfully completed previously funded professional development activities (if applicable); and,
  3. enroll in a college credit course offered by an accredited institution (if applicable) or register for a professional development activity which will enhance job performance.
Priorities for Funding

Southeastern provides a wide range of opportunities for employees to undertake personal and professional development. The college aims to support the following development activities (in priority order):

  1. current position requirement(s)
  2. other educational endeavor(s)

SCC has limited resources for professional development activities; therefore, all applications may not be funded.

Requirements for Reimbursement

Reimbursement of registration fees/tuition will be awarded only when:

  1. documentation of successful completion has been submitted by the employee to his/her dean/vice president – transcript or grade report showing a grade of “C” or better in college course(s) or a certificate of completion or other documentation from the provider for seminars/workshops and tuition/registration receipt; and
  2. required documentation has been received by respective dean/vice president within three weeks of completion of the course/workshop/seminar.

If an employee is directed by his/her dean/vice president to take courses or training, the supervisor, in conjunction with the dean/vice president, will develop a manpower coverage plan to accommodate the employee’s absence from work. Prior to beginning any training, release time, annual leave and/or flex time must be negotiated between the employee and the supervisor. The appropriate dean/vice president will approve or reject such leave.

Tuition/Registration Fee Reimbursement

Upon successful completion of approved activity/course and notification of reimbursement status from the employee’s dean/vice president, the Vice president of administrative services will initiate payment. The college will reimburse employees up to the pre-approved Professional Development award for tuition/registration fee. In exchange for professional development funds, an employee must work for six months at SCC for every course completed for which he/she receives tuition assistance not to exceed three years. An employee who does not meet this requirement must refund the college the total amount of financial assistance received. The college reserves the right to deduct this amount from the employee’s final paycheck.



Reviewed: January 19, 2016