Procedure 5.37.03 - Position Request for Re-evaluation

A position may incur a significant change in duties/responsibilities, either permanently or for an extended period of time. When this happens, a Request for Position Re-evaluation must be completed and submitted by the employee’s supervisor to the appropriate Vice President. The Vice President will either approve or disapprove the request. If approved, the request will be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources who will provide guidance on completing the necessary documentation to steps support the request for re-evaluation or reclassification.

Requests for re-evaluation will normally be considered once each year and must be submitted to the Director of Human Resources no later than February 28th for the re-evaluation to take effect in the following fiscal year. Exceptions must be approved by the President. The College may approve the use of an outside consultant to conduct all existing position requests for re-evaluation. Requests for re-evaluation need not always result in an assignment to a new pay level.

If the re-evaluation results in the position being placed in a lower level, the employee’s pay will not be reduced but will remain at the same rate as before the re-evaluation not to exceed the maximum of the new level. If the re-evaluation results in the position being placed in a higher level than previously assigned, an increase will be considered subject to availability of funds. Any increase awarded will be at least to the minimum of the new level.

Position Re-evaluation/Reclassification Process

When an employee’s duties have change so significantly that their official title and duties no longer are an appropriate reflection of their actual job, a request for a re-evaluation/reclassification should be considered.

The job evaluation process is not intended as a vehicle to promote or reward people who perform well in their job, if their job responsibilities have not significantly changed.

The job description must be a true and accurate reflection of the essential responsibilities required to perform the job.

The levels of education or experience required for a job should reflect standards for satisfactory job performance, not an existing incumbent’s credentials.

Requests for reclassification does not presume any particular outcome, and could result in a pay grade increase, decrease, or no change at all.

Requests for a job to be reviewed will be made in writing by the appropriate Supervisor to the appropriate Vice President and submitted to the Human Resources Department.

Requests may be triggered by the creation of a new job title or by a substantial and permanent change in duties or requirements of an individual position or in the majority of individual positions within a job title. For a change in duties or requirements to merit re-evaluation, it should meet these criteria:

  • It is a permanent change in duties — not a special project or short-term assignment;
  • The addition, deletion, or change affects a duty that constitutes a significant portion of the job;
  • The duty which is added, deleted, or changed is substantially different in level and type from the remainder of the job duties so that it seems reasonable that the change in that one duty would affect the evaluation of the job on one or more job evaluation factors; or
  • The levels of education or experience required for the job noticeably changed.

Steps to Request a Position Re-evaluation/Reclassification

  • Any staff employee may request for a position re-evaluation by first discussing the need for a review with their immediate supervisor.
  • The Supervisor will provide a copy of the current job description with changes in duties to the appropriate Vice President for review and approval.
  • The job description must be written based on the requirements of the job, not on the person in the job.
  • Once approved, a request for a position re-evaluation/reclassification will be made to HR. A Job Analysis Questionnaire and a current job description with proposed changes will be submitted to the Human Resources Department. An accompanying memo explaining the rationale for the request and how the scope and complexity of the responsibilities assigned to this position have changed will also be included.
  • The Human Resources Department will review the request to determine whether additional information is needed to achieve a clear understanding of the job.
  • After all necessary information has been gathered, an assessment of the position will be conducted to determine whether the revised position should be classified under an existing job title or evaluated as a different title.
  • To determine whether the position has changed significantly the following factors will be considered: Knowledge, Experience, Complexity, Supervision Received, Errors and Quality of Work, Contact with Others, Confidential Data, Mental Attention or Visual Demand and Working Conditions. For supervisory positions, the Character of Supervision and Scope of Supervision will be considered.
  • The position and pay level assignment will be reviewed and discussed with input from the supervisor, Director of Human Resources and the Leadership Team to arrive at a final determination.
  • If approved, HR staff will work with the appropriate Vice President to develop a new or revised job description.