Procedure 4.13.2 - Admission Procedures

If you have a: High School Diploma/GED You may enroll in: any degree, diploma, certificate program;

No High School Diploma, GED You may enroll in: certain certificate programs and courses; Qualified high school students enrolled in Dual, Huskins, Learn & Earn or Early College High School programs.

False Information

Applicants are expected to demonstrate honesty in the completion of all necessary forms. False information will be grounds for rejection or dismissal.

Use of Social Security Numbers 

The College collects social security numbers from all applicants for admission to ensure accurate records for required federal and state reporting. The College protects and restricts access to this information.


Application for Admission – ALL Student Applicants to SCC are required to:

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission, written or online, to the Admissions Office. The online Application for Admission can be found at
  2. Have an official high school transcript that indicates graduation or a copy of GED scores sent to the Registrar’s Office when required. Official transcripts must arrive at SCC, unopened, from the issuing schools or agencies.
  3. Have an official transcript(s) of ALL postsecondary institutions attended sent to the Registrar’s Office. Official transcripts must arrive at SCC, unopened, from the issuing institutions.
  4. Complete any required SCC placement assessment (see the assessment section later in this catalog for full details). This requirement may be completed in one of the following ways:
    • Take the College Board’s ACCUPLACER College Placement Test (CPT) administered by SCC. OR
    • Submit scores of 480 or higher on the Verbal (Critical Reading) section and 450 or higher on the Math section of the SAT.  An official copy of the scores must be sent to the Registrar’s Office IF the scores are not on the official transcripts. OR
    • Submit a composite score of 20 or higher on the ACT. An official copy of the scores must be sent to the Registrar’s Office IF the scores are not on the transcripts. OR
    • Submit official transcripts demonstrating successful completion of college-level algebra and English courses.

Home Schooled Students

Students who are home schooled will be considered for admission on the same basis as NC public school students provided that:

  1. Evidence that the Home School complies with state regulations.
  2. A transcript that includes:
  • Name of the student
  • Student’s social security number and birth date
  • Courses taken and credits earned each year
  • Cumulative grade point average or other measure of academic progress
  • Date of graduation
  • Signature of school administrator

NC Senior Citizens

Tuition shall be waived for up to six credit hours per academic semester for senior citizens age 65 or older who are qualified as legal resident of North Carolina. Applicable Fees will be charged. If an eligible senior citizen enrolls in more than six credit hours, he/she shall be charged tuition and fees above six credit hours. Courses delivered as self-supporting charge no tuition, but include higher fees.

International Students

In addition to a completed application, including transcripts from high school and previous colleges (translated into English), an applicant’s admissions file must contain the following:

  • Minimum scores on the Test of English as Foreign Language (one of the below):
  • Internet based—78
  • Paper based—547
  • Computer based—210
  • Affidavit of Support (I-134) completed by the sponsor.

Students are admitted once the above documents are received and the I-20 form (Immigration and Naturalization) is completed. If a student visa is not issued or if the college is notified by Immigration and Naturalization Service of other problems, students will be asked to withdraw from the college.

All other admissions procedures are applicable to international students.  For further information, contact the Student Success Center at 910-642-7141 ext. 263.

Undocumented Alien Students

Undocumented aliens may enroll in classes at Southeastern Community College.  However, tuition is charged at the out of state rate.

Changes in Residency Status

Application for residency must be submitted prior to registration and payment of fees of the semester in which the student wishes to have residency status changed to in-state. If the application is received after registration for the semester, the application, if approved, will be effective for the next semester.

To qualify for in-state tuition, students must have maintained domicile in North Carolina for at least 12 months immediately prior to enrollment. Individuals must establish that their presence in the state during the designated 12-month period was for the purpose of maintaining a bona-fide domicile and not to simply establish temporary residence. Special situations involving marriage to a North Carolina resident, out-of-state military assignment, or employment with a North Carolina employer should be brought to the attention of the Registrar.

Regulations concerning classification for tuition purposes are set forth in “A Manual to Assist the Public Higher Education Institutions of North Carolina in the Matter of Student Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes.” A copy of the manual is available for review in Student Services, Office of the Registrar.

If a student’s residency classification changes, it is her or his obligation to apply for reclassification with the Registrar. A student who provides false residency information or knowingly withholds residency information shall be deemed to have submitted a fraudulent application. A student making a fraudulent application is subject to reclassification and, if appropriate, payment of the difference between non-resident and resident tuition for the enrolled semester(s) intervening between the fraudulent application and its discovery.

NOTE: This material will all appear in the curriculum catalog in the Admissions section. This note should not be included.

Reviewed: October 25,  2020