Procedure 5.06.01 - Privacy of Employee Personnel Records - Procedures

The following are procedures related to the privacy of employee personnel records:

  1. An employee has the right to inspect his or her own file with the exception of letters of reference solicited prior to employment. An employee may request to inspect the contents of the personnel file during normal office hours. All reviews of personnel records must be coordinated through the Human Resources Office.
  2. The employee must designate in writing the name of a physician or any agency of the employee before the physician or agent may examine the employee’s medical record.
  3. Supervisors may examine all materials in personnel files. The exception to this rule involves the designation “supervisory authority.” Someone in supervisory authority but who is not the immediate supervisor may examine the personnel files.
  4. The Human Resources Office takes great care in authorizing anyone to inspect personnel files. Human Resources personnel follows the laws quoted above before granting access to files. An employee may invoke the grievance procedure if any unauthorized party examines his/her personnel file.
  5. The person requesting access to personnel files must put the request in writing. The requester must sign the statement.
  6. The written, signed request applies to all access to records. A signed request from a physician must also have confirmation from the employee to further give the desired protection to the employee’s medical record. These requests must go to the president, or in his/her absence, to the vice president of administrative services prior to release of information. He/she takes appropriate action.
  7. Any time the college receives a written request, it provides the employee a copy of the request as well as any information sent and refers him/her to the law.
  8. The college compiles requested information within twenty working days at the expense of the requester and may charge a fair market price for services rendered.