Procedure 2.03.01 - Distribution of Printed Materials

Distribution of Written/Printed Materials

  1. Only allowable written/printed materials may be distributed at the college. Disallowable materials are defined as those that have a reasonable probability of any of the following:
    1. Material and substantial interference with a legitimate college activity.
    2. A strong showing of a present intention to incite or disrupt college activities, coupled with a clear and present danger that the activities of the college will in fact be materially disrupted.
    3. Inclusion of matters in an official college publication that would subject the administrators to civil liability for libel or defamation.
    4. Inclusion of matters that are obscene in accordance with prevailing legislative and judicial interpretations or that offend the conscience of the community.Any party or parties must apply to the president or his/her designee for a permit to distribute written/printed materials, and each application will be acted on promptly.
  2. Any party or parties who distribute written/printed materials on the campus without an official permit are subject to removal from the campus and charges of trespassing.
  3. In approving the distribution of written/printed materials, the college, employees, or Board assumes no obligation or responsibility for content of the materials distributed.
  4. Furthermore, the college reminds any party or parties distributing materials to be aware of applicable laws regarding such areas as libel, defamation, and obscenity.
  5. If unauthorized distribution of written/printed materials results in littering on campus, the party or parties distributing the materials are responsible for removing the materials from campus. Littering on the college campus is prohibited and is enforced under General Statutes 14-399.
  6. The posting of any written/printed material is allowed only on bulletin boards intended for that purpose and only when based on the rules and regulations as outlined below:
    1. Only allowable materials may be posted. Allowable materials are those that serve institutional goals as set forth in this policy.
    2. Materials must be approved by the vice president of administrative services or his/her designee, or distributors risk being charged with littering as noted previously. The party or parties who distribute the materials are responsible for their removal within three days of completion of the event or activity. Failure to do so results in disapproval of future posting.
  7. Solicitation or acceptance of donations or charges for any written/printed materials is prohibited.