Policy 7.16 - Social Media

Marketing and Communication

While Southeastern Community College respects the right to speak on matters of public concern as a private citizen, members of the College community are expected to use all forms of Social Media lawfully and respectfully and maintain integrity.


Southeastern Community College employees (including faculty, staff, students, and volunteers) who use social media as a communication channel for college business are expected to know and understand the policy, procedures, and Social Media Guidelines associated with access to social media. The college does not seek to regulate employees’ strictly personal uses of social media which do not involve college resources or affect college employment.

Personal Social Media Accounts: When identifying yourself as a Southeastern Community College employee on personal social media accounts, please refer to the College’s Social Media Guidelines for more guidance. Identify your views as your own. Never represent yourself as a spokesperson for Southeastern Community College. If Southeastern Community College is a subject of the content you are creating be clear and open about the fact that you are an employee and make it clear that your views do not represent those of Southeastern Community College, fellow employees, students, alumni, donors, customers, suppliers, or people working on behalf of the institution.

Refrain from using social media while on work time or on the equipment we provide, unless it is work-related as authorized by your manager. Do not use Southeastern Community College email addresses to register on social networks, blogs, or other online tools utilized for personal use. Southeastern Community College prohibits taking negative action against any employee for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or for cooperating in an investigation.

College Social Media Account Approval

Departments that have a social media page or would like to start one should contact the Director of Marketing and Communications.

College approval of a social media site for a program or department is contingent on whether it can be carried out in such a manner that positively supports the institution’s mission and vision and whether it adds value to both the college and the audience. At least one faculty or staff person shall be designated to monitor the social media site(s), identify problems that emerge, and take action when necessary.

This policy applies to all Southeastern Community College employees. It should be read in conjunction with the Social Media Guidelines.

Adopted: March 28, 2022