Policy 5.44 - Flexible Work Arrangements for Staff

The College recognizes situations in which designated employees and the College may benefit from variations to traditional work schedules, or the ability of an employee to work from alternate work locations for all or part of the workweek. Southeastern Community College offers flexible work arrangements to full and part-time staff in good standing. Flexible work arrangements may include modifications to work schedules and locations, but do not include adjusting the total number of hours employees are expected to work each week. Flexible work arrangements will be reviewed at least annually, and all terms and conditions of employment will remain unchanged except for those addressed by the arrangement.

A flexible work arrangement is not a universal employee benefit; rather, it is an alternative method of meeting the business needs of the College while offering flexibility to employees. It is important to note that not every position at the College may lend itself to a flexible work arrangement, nor may every proposed arrangement be granted. Eligibility will be determined based on the nature of the position and the business needs of the College. The decision to allow a position or an employee to work in a flexible work arrangement is within Leadership’s discretion and is not appealable as part of SCC’s Employee Grievance Process. While the intent of this policy is to provide work scheduling flexibility when possible to employees, it must be clearly understood that the accomplishment of the work of the college must be considered first in determining when and if various alternative schedules may be used.

Adopted: July 19, 2022