Procedure 5.23.01 - Parental Involvement Leave

For purposes of this procedure, “school” means any public school, private church school, church of religious charter, or nonpublic school, pre-school or any child care facility as defined elsewhere by the General Statutes. The College shall not discharge, demote, or otherwise take an adverse employment action against an employee who requests or takes leave under this section. Parental Involvement Leave does not carry forward into the next year and does not accumulate. Such leave must be taken in units of no less than one (1) hour in duration. Supervisors shall maintain records for Parental Involvement Leave taken by each employee. Leave under this section is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The leave shall be at a mutually agreed upon time between the supervisor and the employee.
  2. The employee shall provide a written request for the leave at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the time it is desired.
  3. The College may require that the employee furnish written verification from the child’s school that the employee attended or was otherwise involved at that school during the time of the leave.
  4. Accounting for the use of Parental Involvement Leave :
    1. Employees with leave available (with the exception of sick leave) will submit a Leave Request Form to be compensated for time away from work.
    2. With supervisory approval, employees without available leave may request Parental Involvement Leave and make up the time missed.
    3. Employees without available leave and who choose not to make up the time missed may request Parental Involvement Leave in a non-paid status. Employees will complete a non-paid leave request form found on the Infonet.
  5. Refer to Policy 6.16.10 Leave Without Pay