Procedure 5.09.03 - New Employee Orientation

The orientation process of a new employee can be the determining factor as to how the employee perceives the college and whether or not they want to be a part of it. The first impressions, from the interview to the first day of work will follow the employee throughout their length of service. Retention of employees begins with proper selection, placement and individual attention given to the new employee. The orientation process does not end after the initial sign-up. Orientation must be continued by human resources, the employee’s supervisor, co-workers and every member of the organization. All employees hired by Southeastern Community College will participate in a comprehensive orientation process which will provide the following foundation:

  1. Provide information that will ease the transition into the workplace
  2. Outline objectives of the department and institution as a whole
  3. Introduce the employee to departmental goals, policies and procedures as well as customs and traditions 4. Convey the college’s expectations
  4. Relieve anxieties about starting a new job
  5. Building a positive attitude toward the college and the employee’s new job

Information reviewed during orientation

  1. History, mission and goals do the institution
  2. Systems and procedures
  3. Position description and responsibilities
  4. Performance standards and evaluation
  5. Career development
  6. Safety precautions
  7. Responsible computing policies
  8. Benefits and other HR policies