Procedure 1.08.01 - Naming Tributes

Two circumstances generally give rise to a naming tribute:

  1. Naming in Recognition of Distinguished Service may honor a gift of time or talent that has had a significant positive impact on the College over an extended period of years. The President of the College, or a committee appointed by the President, is charged with determining whether the person proposed is worthy of the honor, as well as the degree of internal and external support for the proposed naming, prior to submitting to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  2. A gift of monetary value appropriate to the facility, program or fund being named. Such gifts must comprise a substantial portion of the cost.


Donors to be honored with naming opportunities may reflect individuals, families, organizations, foundations or corporations.

Physical Property

Sponsorship of physical property on campus through monetary gifts may occur:

  1. To pay for all or part of a new campus facility or improvement.
  2. In conjunction with fundraising efforts on the part of the College or the Foundation.

Giving levels for the naming of physical property should be established through consultation among the College Trustees, Foundation Directors, and President. Some general guidelines include:

  1. New construction, buildings or improvements may be named for a donor who has made a substantial monetary gift toward the cost of the project.
  2. For existing buildings and facilities, dollar amounts will be established for a selected number of naming opportunities based on institutional priorities set by the President and the College Board of Trustees.
  3. Giving levels may be established with either fixed or minimum dollar amounts for sponsorship of other physical property on campus.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees, with input from appropriate parties, will make decisions related to naming, memorial and tribute gifts, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Public announcement: the right to determine content, timing, location and frequency of any announcements associated with the gift.
  2. Physical markers: the right to approve the color, design, and size of any physical marker that provides information about the designee or donor and/or the nature of the gift or honor.
  3. Care and maintenance: the right and responsibility to determine and carry out the exact nature of any ongoing care and maintenance of any memorial or tribute gifts or their physical markers.

General Provisions

  1. Naming recognition should enhance the reputation and prestige of the College and the donor.
  2. Where a building or part has been named, the College will continue to use the name so long as the building, part or facility remains in use and serves its original function, unless otherwise stipulated at the time of gift acceptance. When the use of a building, room, or facility is changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated or rebuilt, the College may discontinue or may retain the use of the name or name another comparable room or facility.
  3. It is the responsibility of individuals negotiating on behalf of the College to advise potential benefactors that their gift may be recognized by naming, subject to approvals and decisions being consistent with this policy.
  4. Commitments made prior to adoption of this policy shall be honored.

Final Authority

The final authority for any naming, memorial or tribute rests with the College Board of Trustees. The guidelines set forth in this statement are not to be deemed all-inclusive. The College President and/or the College Board of Trustees reserve the right to consider any and all factors regarding the privilege of name association with a physical aspect of Southeastern Community College as particular acts and circumstances warrant. The College President, upon advice and consent from the College Board, may require that a background check be performed on a donor (living or deceased) or designee based upon particular facts and circumstances. If a background check is determined to be necessary, the donor (donor’s executor) or designee shall be required to sign an authorization allowing the background check. The College President and/or College Board of Trustees reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of name association with Southeastern Community College should future particular acts and circumstances warrant.

Buildings/Facilities Naming Opportunities

Guidelines for Naming Opportunities per Building General

  • Classrooms — $15,000
  • Labs — $25,000

Administration Building (‘A’) — $3,000,000

  • Lobby — $50,000 – Already Named – Koonce Lobby
  • Board Room — $25,000 – Already Named – Hooks Board Room
  • Upstairs Gallery — $50,000 – Already Named – Wyche Gallery

‘B’ Building — $1,000,000

  • Cosmetology Training Center — $30,000
  • Basic Skills Lab — $15,000
  • Electrical Engineering Technology — $20,000

‘C’ Building — $1,000,000

  • Chemistry Lab — $30,000
  • Biology Lab — $30,000

‘D’ Building — $1,000,000

  • Auditorium — $250,000
  • Lobby – $40,000
  • Choir Room — $30,000
  • Piano Lab — $15,000

‘D’ Annex

  • Art Studio — $25,000
  • Ceramics Studio — $20,000

Nesmith Student Center

  • Bookstore — Already Named – Orcutt Bookstore
  • Fitness Center — $60,000
  • PE/Dance Lab — $20,000
  • Student Center Suite — $25,000
  • Student Activity Area – $25,000

‘H’ Building — $750,000

  • Playground — $25,000

Library (‘L’ Building) — Already Named – Williamson Library

  • Lobby/Display Area —$15,000
  • Conference Room — $20,000
  • Periodicals Area — $20,000

‘M’ Building — $1,000,000

  • Welding Lab — $15,000
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Lab —$15,000

‘R’ Building (Allied Health) — $1,000,000

  • Lobby — $15,000
  • Conference Room — $15,000
  • Simulation Lab — $20,000

Health & Human Service Building (HHS) — $1,000,000

  • Conference Room — $20,000
  • Fire Training Classroom — $15,000
  • Law Enforcement Training Classroom — $15,000
  • Emergency Medical Services Training Classroom — $15,000
  • Basic Law Enforcement Training Classroom — $15,000
  • Nursing Assistant Classroom — $15,000 Initially furnished by Interim Healthcare/Mr. Steve Smith. Plaque denotes.

‘T’ Building — $1,000,000

  • Industrial Training Center (T-101) — $25,000 – Already Named – Sasser Industrial Training Center
  • Kitchen — $15,000
  • EDU-Cable Broadcast Studio — $25,000
  • Conference Room — $10,000 – Already Named – Janice Simms Small Business Center Resource Room
  • Computer Labs (2) — $15,000 each

Cartrette Building

  • Ag-Biotech/Environ. Science Tech Classroom & Lab — Already Named – Westbrooks Teaching Laboratory
  • Transfer/Grow Room — $15,000
  • North Lobby — $20,000
  • Conference Room — $20,000
  • Computer Labs (4) — $20,000 each

Natural Areas

  • Rams’ Baseball Field — $1,000,000
  • Baseball Fieldhouse — $50,000
  • Rams’ Softball Field — $750,000
  • Firing Range — $15,000
  • A-Building Circle Drive — $100,000
  • Campus Circle Drive – $100,000
  • Parking Lot – $50,000
  • Garden Areas — $15,000 – $25,000

Adopted: November 20, 2017


Reviewed: February 25, 2020