Policy 5.22 - Military Leave

The college grants military leave with pay to members of the National Guard and Reserve Units of the armed forces. (Leave with pay as referred to above includes, only base salary and does not include travel, subsistence, or any other allowances.) The maximum amount of time for leave of this type is 120 working hours during the Federal fiscal year beginning October 1 and ending September 30 or at any one time. The college charges absence from duty on all workdays in excess of 120 hours to annual leave or leave without pay. Employees must submit requests for military leave on a Request for Leave/To Be Absent form and attach one certified copy of official orders specifying that the individual report for duty. This Board policy incorporates the community college military leave policy outlined in Subchapter IE.0800 of Title 25 of the North Carolina Administrative Code. In addition, the college affords employees and students the rights and responsibilities described in the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (United States Code, Chapter 43, Part III, Title 38). This act is intended to minimize the disadvantages to an individual that occur when that person needs to be absent from his/her civilian employment to serve in this country’s uniformed services.

Adopted: January 24, 2002

Revised: May 23, 2016

Reviewed: July 1, 2002