Procedure 8.01.02 - Key Control

The following procedure is developed for the purposes of establishing effective security measures and providing for the administration and control of keys.

The following guidelines are for key use and key issuance.

  1. The Maintenance Supervisor is the Key-Control Manager and is responsible for:

    1.  Creating a keying system, in coordination with the Vice President of Administrative Services and Campus Police that will ensure security and reasonable convenience to personnel occupying buildings.
    2.  Maintaining, controlling, and securing the Central Key-Control file and up-to-date records of keying systems.
    3.  Fabricating and issuing all keys. The Maintenance Department will receive original keys furnished under new building or alteration contracts directly from the hardware manufacturer.
    4.  Securely storing all unassigned keys pending their issuance.
    5.  Performing all lock work in conjunction with contractual personnel, except lock work required under construction projects.
    6.  Coordinating lost-key records with the Vice President of Administrative Services. Determining whether or not rekeying of an area is required (e.g., because of a lost key), based on consultation with the VP of Administrative Services and the Dean of the area concerned.
    7.  Furnishing once a year, or more frequently if desired, listings of keys issued in the department/division by name and by key number.
    8.  Receiving all keys from personnel who are retiring, terminating employment, or transferring to another worksite.
  2. The appropriate Vice President will:

    1. Authorize the issuance of keys to staff as necessary and in accordance with these guidelines.
    2. Sign Key Request forms authorizing the assignment of keys to appropriate personnel.
    3. Instruct personnel who are retiring or terminating to obtain appropriate signatures on the clearance form from the Office of Human Resources.
    4. Report to the Director of Public Safety all personnel who are terminating or transferring to another division or location that requires different keys.
  3. Division Deans, Directors, and Department Heads are responsible for:

    1. Requesting the appropriate issuance of keys from the Vice President.
  4. Personnel to whom keys have been issued are responsible for:

    1. Signing a key-issuance record. (Key Request form)
    2.  Maintaining the security of any key issued
    3. Reporting promptly the loss of keys to Campus Security, who will notify the Director of Public Safety and the appropriate Vice President.
    4. Obtaining a clearance form from the Office of Human Resources, completing it, and submitting it to the Director of Public Safety for approval when retiring, terminating employment, or transferring.
  5. Special Security Keying and Changes of Keying:

    1. Special security locks and keys for areas of special considerations may be permitted with the approval of the President or his designee.
    2.  No individual locks or keys may be used for space control, nor may locks be changed without prior approval by the President or his designee. Unauthorized locks will be reported to Campus Security who will remove them in coordination with the appropriate VP and Maintenance Supervisor.
    3. Areas approved for special locks or keys will not receive maintenance and custodial services, except by special arrangement.
  6. Eligibility:

    1.  After approval by the division and department heads as indicated below for eligibility, key requests will be reviewed by the appropriate Vice President who will forward the key request to the Maintenance Supervisor or his designee to be issued.
      Access Key, the highest level President, Executive VP, VP of Administrative Services, VP of Workforce & Community Development, Deans, Safety and Security, and Maintenance personnel
      Master Key (Sub-Master) will operate one group of locks with individual keys. Division Deans, Department Heads, Coordinators (for those areas under their jurisdiction), and appropriate faculty and staff members

      Individual Key, will operate one, two or more locks keyed alike

      Employees entitled to keys to their offices upon approval of the Division Chair or Department Head
      Building Entrance Key Employees who must work other than normally scheduled hours may be issued a building entrance key upon authorization of the Vice President or his/her designee.
  7. Transferring Keys within the College:

    1. All keys will be returned directly to the Director of Public Safety.
    2. Persons transferring within the college will get new keys from the Maintenance Supervisor with proper approval.
  8.  Loss of Keys:

    1. Loss of keys must be reported immediately to Campus Security.
    2. The Maintenance Supervisor will note on the Key Request form the loss of the key, the number of the key, and the date.
    3. Individuals may be charged for the replacement of lost keys, re-keying, and lock changes resulting from a lost key.
  9. Requesting Re-keying and Lock Changes:

    1. All requests for re-keying and lock changes must be submitted by the appropriate Vice President on a work order with justification to the Vice President of Administrative Services.
    2. The Maintenance Supervisor will coordinate all re-keying and issuing of keys.