Policy 7.01 - Information Systems Access

The Information Systems (IS) Access Policy provides secure and equitable use or management of IS resources at Southeastern Community College (SCC). For the purposes of this policy, IS services currently include data and voice communications. This policy is intended to be flexible enough to meet users’ needs while maintaining the integrity and security of IS systems. SCC adheres to the “least privileged” access philosophy, which means that users get access only to what they must have to complete their assigned task and nothing more.

All information systems access must be requested through the appropriate vice president or the president. Full-time employees at Southeastern Community College will be assigned a desktop computer in a standard work configuration. The vice president of administrative services and another individual on the president’s administrative team (generally the individual’s supervising vice president) must approve all other access and any other or special configurations required for completion of job responsibilities. If a laptop computer is approved for an individual, they will receive a laptop computer, docking station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse in place of a desktop computer. Additional equipment purchased for the college by other funding sources may be assigned to college personnel, but funding (or recognition of in-kind support) must be provided for maintenance/upkeep of these items. Items purchased from other funding sources must similarly be replaced from outside funding or scrapped when they become obsolete.

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