Procedure 4.02.01 - Financial Obligations and Business Procedures

  1. Diplomas, transcripts of records, letters of honorable dismissal, or permission to register for the succeeding semester are withheld from students who have unpaid bills or loans due the college or who have not made arrangements acceptable to the Business Office for the discharge of such responsibilities. Examples include unpaid loans, library fines, bookstore charges, and parking fines. Grades also are withheld from students who have not returned equipment, supplies, or any college property on loan to them from official college offices.
  2. Charges for damage to college property are billed to the individual or group responsible for such damage at the standard rate established by the college for repair or replacement.
  3. Charges and fines owed for violations of the college’s motor vehicle regulations are viewed as charges owed to the college. In addition to the sanctions listed above, these charges, if unpaid, may result in denial of permission to register a motor vehicle.
  4. All sales or solicitations not properly approved in advance by the Student Government Association (SGA), the Vice President of Administrative Services or Chief Academic Officer, and ultimately the president, are prohibited. Failure to secure such authorization may subject students to whatever corrective or compensatory costs are judged appropriate and may make them liable for probation or such lesser penalty as may be appropriate to the nature of the act.