Procedure 5.09.01 - Employment Regular Full Time

Staffing Procedure

The college uses the following procedure to fill regular faculty, administrative, and staff positions. At the discretion of the president, the college may not follow all of the procedural steps in the case of internal promotions or temporary personnel because of a tentative state of employment or funding, expected frequent turnover, the urgency of filling the position, or other circumstances.  In the case of internal promotions, the supervisor is required to notify the Human Resources Office prior to initiating this action.

Developing the Position Description/Advertisement

When the employment of any full-time position is proposed, an approved “Personnel Requisition” will be completed by the supervisor.  The personnel requisition will be approved by the division dean/director and vice president then submitted to the Human Resources Office for approval by the President.  With the assistance of the Director of Human Resources, the hiring official of the employing area of the college develops/updates the job description (if necessary).  The Human Resources Office will develop the position announcement and advertisement based on the job description and process it through administrative channels for approval prior to the position being advertised.

The position announcement/advertisement contains the following information:

  1. Area description
  2. College description
  3. Minimum requirements for the job
  4. Preferred requirements for the job
  5. Purpose and function of the position
  6. Salary range when appropriate
  7. Anticipated employment date
  8. Deadline for receipt of applications
  9. Instructions for applying, including names, addresses, resumes, and transcripts
  10. Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action statement


Distributing the Position Announcement/Advertisement

 The Human Resources Office is responsible for posting the announcement, both internally and externally. Internally, the announcement is posted on the College website.  Depending on the position, the college reserves the right to limit the scope of advertising to internal candidates only.

For external announcements, the Human Resources Office uses an approved mailing list that includes paid advertisements in selected newspapers, approved career websites, the Division of Workplace Solutions, and the NCCCS Office websites.  Applications for clerical and maintenance positions are accepted only when there are vacancies available.

Handling Applications

 The college requires the completion of the application packet consisting of a college application form, resume, educational transcripts and a letter of interest (when appropriate) addressing the position requirements in response to announcements of position vacancies.  The application form is located on the college website under “Employment Opportunities”.  The Human Resources Office acknowledges receipt of all applications in writing.

Applications for employment are accepted only in the Human Resources department and only during the advertised period.  Applications received after the closing date of any position vacancy announcement may not be considered for the applicant pool.  Unsolicited applications and/or resumes should not be received and/or filed by any department (excluding those for Continuing and Adult Education and part time curriculum instructors); these applications should be forwarded to the Human Resources department so that a response may be sent to the applicant.

The Human Resources Office maintains, for a period of two years, a master file of the complete selection process for each position filled. This file documents the process used and contains a list of the applicants, the mailing and distribution list used to send out the announcement, the interview committee meeting minutes, and other related information.

* See modified selection process for employees hired at correctional institutions.

Screening Applications

 The Director of Human Resources and the hiring official are responsible for screening applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position as advertised and will forward the remaining candidates to the Interview Committee. The Director of Human Resources will compile a list of names and reasons why individuals do not meet minimum qualifications.

Interview Committee

With assistance from the appropriate vice president and/or hiring official, the Director of Human Resources recommends an Interview Committee that includes an appropriate diversity of personnel as well as individuals with knowledge of the skills required for the position.  Committees are approved by the president.

*Due to the nature of the position requirements and responsibilities, the Interview Committee is comprised of individuals who possess an in-depth knowledge and experience in a correctional setting and/or prison education who evaluate applications and select candidates to be interviewed.

Each Interview Committee receives a charge verbally and/or in writing from the Director of Human Resources. The charge meets the following criteria:

  1. Describes all expectations of the committee’s role and authority
  2. Gives time deadlines for committee recommendations
  3. Gives number of final applicants expected for interviewing
  4. Explains the qualifications sought which are most important

Committee members are required to maintain information in strict confidence and any attempts from outside sources to influence committee members should be reported immediately.

The supervisor of the position being hired or an appointed member of the committee will serve as the Chairperson for the committee.  A secretary will be appointed by the committee chair.

The appropriate Vice President and Director of Human Resources receive copies of all documentation related to the selection process, including position announcements as advertised, regular information regarding the status of the process, problems encountered by the Interview Committee, and the final recommendation of the Interview Committee.

Reviewing Files and Interviewing

 The Interview Committee evaluates screened applications and recommends candidates to be interviewed.

The human resources office will arrange for interviews of applicants by the committee and any other administrators involved in the selection process based on a schedule provided by the committee. The human resources office will provide each committee with a list of suggested questions to be used during the interview.  Committees will be given leeway to add questions relative to the position and may consult with the supervisor and appropriate vice president/dean to develop interview questions.  However, interview questions developed by the committee will require human resources approval before they are adopted.  The committee will interview and evaluate selected applicants using an interview rating form with appropriate categories and questions related to the position.

The Director of Human Resources advises each applicant of the status of his/her candidacy.

* The committee interviews and evaluates selected applicants using an interview rating form with appropriate categories and questions related to the position.

Recommending Candidate(s)

 Once all interviews have been completed by the committee, the Interview Committee will document its decisions and record them in the minutes. The committee will develop justifications to support its decision for moving candidates to the next level of the interview process.  The committee recommendations concerning qualifications and capabilities, including application data on all of the candidates interviewed for consideration will be forwarded to the Human Resource Department, indicating the top one, two, or three candidates in rank order.   All members of the committee and supervising personnel, including the President, and the Director of Human Resources, should receive copies of the minutes.

With consideration of the committee’s recommendation, the Interview Chairperson will make a recommendation of which candidates will move forward to the next level of interviews.  The Interview Committee Chairperson will make this recommendation to the vice president, as appropriate.  The vice president may consult with the Interview Committee Chairperson to review the ranked candidates and gain any additional insight.  The dean or vice president will then interview the top candidates recommended by the Interview Committee and forward the recommended candidates to the president.  Supervisors may or may not be involved in the next level of interviews.  This is at the discretion of the Vice President or Dean.

  1. The Director of Human Resources initiates a formal background check for prospective employees prior to forwarding the recommendation to the president. This step is done according to the college policy and procedures for employment references and may be completed prior to interviewing the candidate.  Refusal to consent to a criminal background check as required or candidates falsifying information on the application will result in the applicant not being offered employment, or if a conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn.
  1. The human resources office will verify previous/current employment of candidates being considered for employment. The supervisor or the hiring official will be responsible for conducting personal/professional references on the candidates.  When conducting personal/professional references, the hiring official will attempt to validate skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the job.  Three references of this type will be required on full time employees.

The president may conduct an interview with the recommended candidate.  Offers of employment are made by the president or his/her designee to the candidate based on salary computations prepared by the human resources office.  Once the offer of employment has been accepted, the Director of Human Resources will be notified and an offer letter will be prepared.

* The supervisor makes a recommendation to the vice president following file reviews and interviews.  Reference information is obtained from the candidate’s previous employers and a satisfactory criminal background is conducted by the department of corrections. If approved, the recommendation is forwarded to the president.


Announcing the Decision

The president sends a letter of intent to the candidate who is selected.  The human resources office sends letters of non-selection to the other candidates.  The president announces the decision to employees.

Following approval of the candidate, the president will present the newly hired employee to the Board of Trustees at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Obtain or verify the position identification with the Human Resources department and provide correct budget information needed to establish the position.
  • Review and/or recommend revisions to the official Position Description or develop a new position description if necessary.
  • Complete the “Personnel Requisition” form.
  • Obtain required signatures on the form and forward to the human resources office for approval by the President.
  • Discuss with the Human Resources department the employment process to determine if additional advertising is advisable (examples would be University/College placement offices, trade journals, professional organizations, etc.)
  • Submit a list of names of recommended members for the Interview Committee.
  • Conduct personal/professional references on candidates recommended for employment.

Committee chair:

  • With committee input, determine by consensus those applicants to be interviewed. For faculty positions, identify alternate applicants to be interviewed in case final review of credentials does not meet specified minimum requirements.
  • Submit a list with names of candidates to be interviewed to Human Resources for review and approval.  Other appropriate applicants may be added to the interview list by the President based on feedback from Human Resources.
  • Submit a list of questions which will be asked of all candidates to Human Resources for review and approval.
  • Provide each applicant with a copy of the position description.
  • Interview applicants using the approved list of questions.
  • Determine the rank order of applicants interviewed and provide to the Human Resources department.

Human Resources:

  • Review the “Personnel Requisition”.
  • Ensure that the position has been established and verify the budget information.
  • Determine the salary range from the official SCC salary plan.
  • Obtain the President’s approval for recommended participants on the Interview Committee and then inform the participants.
  • After obtaining approval of the members of the Interview Committee from the President, the Director of Human Resources will contact the members acknowledging their participation on the committee and establish the initial meeting date and time.
  • Attend the initial meeting of the committee and review the “Hiring Procedures” with the committee.
  • Approve the list of questions to be asked in the interview.
  • Perform background checks and verification of past employment.
  • Establish with the President’s office a date and time for an interview with the President with the top candidate(s).
  • Make offer of employment and determine the applicant’s employment starting date. Prepare the offer package for the President’s signatures.
  • Obtain contract with employee signature.
  • Facilitate “New Hire Orientation” for full-time employees.
  • Notify all applicants of the outcome of the employment process.