Policy 5.02 - Employment Contracts

All college employees receive written contracts that specify their terms of employment. These contracts include the employee’s position title, rate of pay, and beginning and ending dates of the employment period. Pay may be based on an hourly wage or a monthly salary, and employment may be full-time or part-time, depending upon the nature of the position. The type of contract issued depends on several factors, including the staffing process used, whether the employee is new to the college, budgetary constraints, and the nature of the position. Consistent with State Board Code section 1C SBCCC 400.5, the College shall not use state funds to buy out contracts, unless required by a court of competent jurisdiction. Should it become necessary to terminate employment prior to the expiration of a contract and if it is necessary to buy out the contract, such payment shall not be paid from state funds.

Adopted: July 2002

Revised: March 2009, July 20, 2010, May 24, 2021

Reviewed: March 25, 2021