Procedure 5.02.01 - Employment Contracts Procedures


All new full-time and salaried part-time employees are issued a provisional contract and serve probationary periods of twelve months from the date of initial employment. Any employee serving a probationary period following initial employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period, and such termination is not subject to the employee grievance and appellate procedure. Following successful completion of the probationary period, a regular contract may be issued to the employee.


A regular contract employs an individual on an annual (twelve months or less) basis for full-time service. All fringe benefits offered by the college are available under this contract. Generally, the contract is awarded only after the full staff selection process. A modified staff selection process is use for those employees assigned to correctional institutions. Employees may receive payment based on an hourly or monthly rate with a specified contractual total.


Within budgetary limitations and legislative guidelines, the college may offer to instructors on less than twelve month contracts supplementary contracts, depending on workload and financial conditions. Division deans and the appropriate vice president make every effort to accommodate instructors’ wishes regarding assignments in accordance with college needs.


A temporary contract may be awarded in lieu of a regular contract for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient time is available to complete the full staff selection process.
  2. Funds in support of the position do not derive from a regular funding unit or are otherwise tenuous in nature.
  3. No long term need exists for the position.
  4. The employee does not currently meet all employment standards.

Temporary employees may be full or part time. In most instances, full-time temporary employees are entitled to select fringe benefits.



Reviewed: April 21, 2020