Policy 5.37 - Employee Salaries

Southeastern Community College intends to fairly compensate all of its employees for their service to Southeastern Community College and its students and community. The college will establish and make available to employees a Faculty Salary Plan and a Staff Salary Plan to work towards achieving and maintaining pay equity both internally and externally. Internal equity refers to equitable compensation for employees doing similar work given job performance, years of experience at Southeastern Community College, prior years of work experience, and educational level. External equity refers to maintaining an equitable salary for employees as compared to employees in similar organizations, such as other community colleges and other similar organizations within close geographic proximity. Current salary plans, pay level scales and new hire salary work sheets are available for review from the Human Resources Office.

Legislative Awards

All employees paid from state funds will receive annual salary increases if mandated by the North Carolina Legislature and state funding is available to support the salary increases. Employees paid from federal or local funds may receive pay increases as allowed by the appropriate budgets and, where possible, at least equal to the salary increases approved by the state.

Other Salary Adjustments

Other salary adjustments, such as promotions and those funded through discretionary compensation funds from the state, will be administered in accordance with the current faculty and staff salary plans. The president must approve other salary considerations.

Adopted: July 1, 2002

Revised: May 18, 2018