Policy 5.31 - Employee Grievance

The Board supports the concept of due process for employees. The Board recognizes and accommodates legal representation during formal hearings; however, legal representation may not be accommodated during informal meetings and attempted reconciliations prior to the formal filing of grievances and referral to the committees. The formal filing of grievances and referral will be accepted only after the president or his/her designee determines that attempt at informal reconciliation between adversarial parties has been exhausted. To the extent permitted by law, compliance with the employee grievance procedure contained in this policy is recommended before any person may institute litigation against the College or any of the College’s employees acting in their official capacities on behalf of the College. Employees are free to file a grievance without fear of discriminatory or retaliatory action taken by the College.

Adopted: March 15, 1979

Revised: May 15, 2012