Policy 2.17 - Employee Cell Phone


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance to the college community regarding the proper procurement, use and possession of cellular devices (phones, PDA’s. etc.) for voice communication; to ensure that the use of cellular technology for college business is correctly authorized and appropriate; and to ensure that the college is correctly reimbursed for occasional incidental or emergency personal use of the college cellular devices.

Criteria for Approving Cellular Service:

Cellular devices are an effective resource and enable communication in areas or situations where conventional landline phones are not available or are impractical. However, the cost incurred for cellular devices and service must be weighed carefully against any benefits. Cellular devices and services may be provided to certain college employees for any of the following reasons:

  1. The employee performs the majority of his/her job activities “in the field,” where business either cannot be conducted on a landline telephone or where it would be inefficient to use a landline telephone.
  2. The employee’s responsibilities require that he/she be immediately accessible in case of emergency.
  3. The employee’s responsibilities periodically require travel or emergency contact availability.

Procurement of Cellular Devices:

All cellular devices and services funded by Southeastern Community College must be justified on the basis of work assignments and must be approved by the employees’ supervisor and vice president. All requests for cellular devices will be reviewed by the vice presidents and approved by the president. All appropriately approved requests for cellular devices and services must be for the lowest-cost service plan available to accommodate the business need of the employee. The Business Office will determine the carriers and plans available for use by employees of the college. The Business Office will annually review cellular service plans during the month of January, to determine the most cost effective plans for the college. Unless specifically authorized in a grant award or contract document, grant or contract funds may not be used for the purchase of cellular devices and may not be used as the funding source for ongoing monthly charges.

Use of Cellular Devices:

The use of college funded cellular devices to make or receive personal calls is generally not permitted. Employees must realize that although personal calls made within the local calling region and under the usage limits provided by the employee’s plan do not result in additional charges, they do count toward the overall time limits established under the service agreement. Any overage, long-distance roaming, or other charges realized by the employee for personal calls shall be the responsibility of the employee. Each employee shall be responsible for the safe-keeping, care, and custody of the cellular device assigned to him or her. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in loss of cellular phone privileges and may result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Management of Use:

Supervisors who become aware of a violation of the letter or spirit of this procedure shall take such remedial action as may be appropriate to control any such violation. Supervisors shall periodically, at least annually in January, review all cellular plans used by their employees to ensure compliance with this procedure and to review cost efficiency. Supervisors will ensure that when an employee changes departments or leaves the college, all equipment (including chargers, extra batteries, hands-free devices, etc.) is returned to the department and service is cancelled or transferred to an approved employee. The Business Office will forward bills for cellular services to each employee assigned a cellular device on a periodic basis. The cellular device user must review the detailed statement for billing accuracy. The user must highlight all personal calls (including those that do not generate a charge); sign the last page of the call detail and send it to their supervisor. The supervisor will then review and sign the billing statement. When personal calls/minutes do occur and cause the monthly plan minutes to be exceeded, the employee must reimburse the college for those minutes. All long distance and roaming charges incurred for personal calls must be reimbursed within 5 working days of receipt and reconciliation of the monthly statement.

Appropriate Use:

Each employee assigned a cellular device will be required to sign a Statement of Appropriate Use at the time he/she receive the device.

Abusive Use:

Abusive or inappropriate use of cellular devices funded by Southeastern Community College will result in the suspension of cellular device privileges and may result in disciplinary action.

Adopted: February 2009


Reviewed: May 4, 2020