Policy 2.13 - Diversity Statement

The State Board of community Colleges has adopted a task force report entitled Recommendations to Increase Opportunities for Women and Minorities within the North Carolina community College System, and the Board of Southeastern Community College supports the recommendations of this report. The Board is committed to creating and fostering a campus environment that encourages the inclusion of minorities and females in leadership roles as administrators and faculty, recognizes the needs of individuals of different cultures and backgrounds, and insures that participation in the college’s programs and services is reflective of the composition of the college’s service area. Because supporting the concept of diversity is a priority of the institution, the Board directs the administration to develop and implement initiatives for increasing diversity and nurturing greater awareness by the following:

  1. Developing a diversity plan as a part of the college’s institutional effectiveness plan.
  2. Creating and expanding professional development programs and activities to prepare individuals to enter administrative and full-time faculty positions.
  3. Examining and strengthening employee recruitment efforts, selection processes, and retention strategies to increase staff diversity.
  4. Examining academic programs, college support services, and community enrichment programs to insure that no barriers exist that may discourage participation by people of different cultures and backgrounds.

In addition, the Board recognizes the importance of developing comprehensive strategies for implementing diversity at the college. To fulfill this commitment, the Board charges the college administration with the task of developing specific goals and procedures by which diversity can be enhanced throughout the college’s programs and services. These goals will place emphasis on establishing and maintaining diversity in all phases of the college’s operations.

Adopted: August 31, 1993

Revised: July 20, 2010

Reviewed: May 4, 2020