Policy 5.30 - Corrective Action - Disciplinary Action and Performance Improvement Plans

An employee, regardless of occupation, position, profession, or work performed, may be subject to corrective action, which includes disciplinary action and performance improvement plans. Disciplinary actions may include counseling, warnings, suspension, or dismissal by the college President or his/her designee. Every warning to any employee under the provisions of this policy will be submitted to the Human Resources Office for review prior to delivery to the employee. All disciplinary actions beyond a verbal warning, except for dismissal, shall result in a performance improvement plan (PIP). Copies of all disciplinary actions and performance improvement plans will be documented on a Corrective Action form and will be submitted to the Human Resources Office for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file immediately following delivery. Any employee who receives a disciplinary action has the right to appeal the decision and/or respond in writing, and for the response to be made a part of his/her personnel file. It will be the responsibility of each supervisor and manager, assisted by Human Resources, to ensure:

  1. Corrective actions are carried out in a fair and consistent manner.
  2. Corrective actions are used for the purpose of improving an employee’s performance to an acceptable level or modifying an employee’s behavior.
  3. Each employee is aware of college rules and consequences for rule violations.
  4. Documentation is made when corrective actions are applied.
  5. Disciplinary and corrective actions are applied without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, age or veteran status.

Adopted: January 27, 2009

Revised:  March 19, 2018