Procedure 3.01.23 - Curriculum Textbook Adoption

Each department shall establish common textbook requirements for each course. It is preferred that all delivery methods use the same text, but in some cases, it is understood that online courses may have other requirements. Individual faculty and instructional staff members may require supplemental texts for their course(s) with the approval of the department and the appropriate division chair.

The bookstore will provide Textbook Adoption Forms to the faculty and instructional staff and division deans for completion. Unless the department (or faculty and instructional staff member for supplemental materials) notifies the division dean of a change, the materials that were used during the last semester in which the course was offered will be used again. If an edition change occurs, the division dean (or faculty and instructional staff member for supplemental materials) will be notified so he or she can request a change of materials, if desired. If no change is desired, no notification needs to be given and the new edition will be chosen. Faculty and instructional staff should order desk copies of textbooks directly from the publisher using the method prescribed by the publisher. The bookstore does not routinely supply faculty and instructional staff with desk copies of textbooks they have adopted. Any request for the purchase of textbooks through the bookstore must be justified as an exception and approved by the appropriate division dean.


Revised: April 26, 2022

Reviewed: March 2020, April 26, 2022