Procedure 3.01.10 - Curriculum Student Registration


The college provides ample opportunity for students to register for classes.  Exact times and dates are announced in advance through campus publications and public media. Returning students should schedule an appointment with their advisor to receive advice concerning their selection of courses 

How students can add a class after classes have started. 

Students wishing to add a class that has already met must complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form, available in Student ServicesStudents should follow the procedure outlined on the form within the published time frame.  For most classes, the add period is the first two days of the semester.  

Students may not add a course after the Add Period on the Schedule of Courses unless the following procedure is followed: 

  1. The student should present the completed Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form to the appropriate division chair.   
  1. The chair, after consulting with the faculty, should deny the request, if he or she thinks the student has missed too much class to be successful. 
  1. If the chair, after consulting with the faculty, thinks the student can start the class and be successful, the chair will accept the form and discuss the petition with the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). 
  1. The CAO will either approve or deny the request.   
  1. If approved, the Form will be delivered to the registrar, who will add the student to the course. 
  1. If denied, the Chair will communicate the decision to the student.

How students can drop a class. 

Students wishing to drop a traditional class should complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form, available in Student Services. After the form is completed, it should be signed by the relevant instructors and the student’s faculty advisor. The completed form should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the student. 

Students wishing to drop a blended, hybrid or online class should email their instructor using a Rams Mail student account. The email should include the course information (prefix, number and section), a statement of intent to withdrawal, and the student’s name and identification number. The instructor will add the last date of attendance to the email request and forward the message to the Registrar’s Office. 

Students must drop the class prior to the 10% point of the class to avoid a transcript entry for the dropped course.  After the 10% point, but before the beginning of the exam perioda grade of W will be entered on the student’s transcript.  After the exam period begins, a grade of F will be recorded, unless students officially withdraw from all courses.  

Instructors should drop students with excessive absences. 

Instructors should withdraw students who have excessive absences.  Students withdrawn for excessive absences will receive the grade of W until the beginning of the exam period. After that time, instructors may withdraw students with a grade of “F” in accordance with published attendance policies.   

How students should drop all classes. 

Students desiring to completely withdraw from all classes should contact Student Services for the forms and procedures necessary for official withdrawal. Students who fail to withdraw officially will receive a grade of F for each course in which they are enrolled. Students may withdraw from the college with a grade of W in all courses prior to the first day of the final examination period. After the final exam period, student grades are assigned in accordance with Procedure 3.01.11.    


Revised: February 14, 2020, August 19, 2021

Reviewed: February 14, 2020