Policy 5.01 - Conflict of Interest

In accordance with NC General Statute 14-234, it is the policy of Southeastern Community College that any College employee or official will discharge his/her duties in the best interest of the College and the public, and that he/she will avoid the following. There are three main prohibitions in the statute:

    1. A public official or employee is prohibited from obtaining a direct benefit from any contract in which he or she is involved on behalf of the public agency he or she serves.
    2. Even if a public official or employee is not involved in making a contract in which he or she has a direct benefit, he or she is prohibited from influencing or attempting to influence anyone in the agency who is involved in making the contract.
    3. All public officers and employees are prohibited from soliciting or receiving any gift, reward, or promise of reward in exchange for recommending, influencing, or attempting to influence the award of a contract.

Adopted:  May 20, 1982

Revised: July 20, 2010