Procedure 5.36.02 - Compensatory Time

Special provisions of the policy are as follows:

  1. The college administration determines which employees are eligible for exemption from the overtime provisions of the FLSA. Generally, exempt employees include those in executive, administrative, faculty, and professional non-teaching positions.
  2. The workweek for all college employees runs from the start of work on Monday (7:00 a.m.) to the start of work (7:00 a.m.) on the next Monday.
  3. Non-exempt employees may not accumulate unauthorized overtime hours. Except under the most extenuating circumstances, no overtime hours are earned without the prior approval of the employee’s supervising vice president.
  4. The normal workweek is 37.5 hours. Non-exempt employees receive compensatory time off at a rate of 1.5 hours off for each hour of overtime worked in excess of 40 hours per week. This compensatory time is in lieu of overtime compensation, except under extenuating circumstances when the supervisor chooses to pay for overtime hours.
  5. Compensatory time may not be accrued beyond 240 hours (the time-and-a-half compensation for 160 hours of overtime worked). Any overtime hours worked by an employee who has already accrued 240 hours of compensatory time must be paid for at one and a half times the employee’s normal rate of pay.
  6. Compensatory time must be exhausted before time off is charged to annual leave.
  7. Non-exempt employees are responsible for providing their supervisor with an accurate time sheet at the end of each month. The time sheet must indicate hours worked on both a daily and weekly basis.
  8. Each non-exempt employee must keep on file with his/her supervisor a cumulative record of overtime hours earned and compensatory hours taken.



Reviewed: April 21, 2021