Policy 5.07 - Background Checks

Hiring qualified individuals to fill positions is important to the success of Southeastern Community College. The college may use background checks as an important part of the selection process for jobs determined to require such checks. Background checks may be used to obtain additional applicant information to help determine the applicant’s overall employability and for the purposes of protecting SCC property and information security and promoting a safe environment for current and future SCC students and employees. SCC requires Criminal Background Checks (CBC), of all full-time faculty and staff and regular part-time staff and faculty in curriculum and continuing education programs that involve clinical, internships/placements at health facilities or other service areas such as, but not limited to, Department of Corrections (DOC) where these screenings are required. Refusal to consent to a criminal background check as required or falsifying information submitted on the application will result in the applicant not being offered employment, or if the conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn and employment will be terminated.

Adopted: November 17, 2009

Revised: July 20, 2010