Procedure 5.07.01 - Background Checks - Procedures

  1. Southeastern Community College will conduct criminal history background checks on employee classifications as outlined above. The college will determine whether additional background checks such as credit, or motor vehicle record check would be required based on the type of position, business necessity, and applicable state laws.
  2. When a criminal history record check is required, the internal or external applicant for the position must authorize this background investigation in writing using the approved release form.
  3. The college will inquire only about convictions and probation status, if any, and not about arrests unless required by applicable laws.
  4. The following factors will be considered for those applicants with a criminal history in determining whether to hire the external applicant or transfer or promote the internal applicant:
    1. The nature of the crime and its relationship to the position;
    2. The time since the conviction;
    3. The number (if more than one) of convictions; and
    4. Whether hiring, transferring or promoting the applicant would pose a risk to the college.
  5. The applicant will be given an opportunity to review the criminal, credit, or motor vehicle background check results upon request and may submit an explanation.
  6. If any applicant is found to have falsified or withheld any information regarding conviction history, the applicant will not be considered for employment.
  7. If an employee seeking a transfer or promotion to a position requiring a criminal history record check is found to have falsified any information regarding conviction history, the employee may be immediately discharged.
  8. When SCC collects credit information on applicants such checks will be consistent with the guidelines set forth by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Act requires organizations to obtain a candidate’s written authorization before obtaining a credit report.
  9. Motor vehicle record checks will be conducted for applicants being considered for positions requiring routine use of college vehicles, as designated in the job description. Such checks will help assess risks of damage to persons and property. Applicants may not be hired, if the risk of such damage is deemed to be too great based on the record check.
  10. If an employee seeking a transfer or promotion to a position requiring a motor vehicle record check is found to have driving violations making them ineligible, the employee will not be further considered for any position requiring the use of college vehicles.
  11. Some divisions may require additional background checks appropriate to the position, e.g., campus police officer, child care worker, etc.

While there is no single data base capable of reporting all pertinent information, the college will use the following databases to receive the most current information available.

National Criminal Database

Also known as a Multi-State Criminal Database. This search will include information from the following record sources: Department of Corrections 42 states, State Court Records 22 states, County Court Records 13 states (not all counties).

Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor

This search gives Criminal Court information from the State of North Carolina. These records contain information submitted to the State by courts from each county and other criminal justice agencies. Records show the subject’s name, address, DOB, race, sex, case #, county, charge, disposition, sentence, and sentence date. This search will return Felony, Misdemeanor and Criminal Traffic records. The State court database maintains convictions dating to the mid-1980’s.

Countywide Felony & Misdemeanor

County-Level Searches are conducted at the local county courthouse where a researcher obtains all criminal records available for the subject in that county. The purpose for conducting this search is there may be delay in reporting from the county to the state. These searches generally include all Misdemeanor and Felony charges in the county searched. *Social Security Number Required*

Sex Offender

Results found will contain the registrant’s name, picture if available, alias name, address information, race, height, weight, date of birth, conviction date, registration date, and sentence imposed. This search will return sex offender information in all 50 states, including Washington D.C.

Federal Criminal Record Check

This search will be conducted through the Federal Criminal Courts database. This search will return Convictions Only for federal crimes. This information is not provided through any other source.