Policy 6.13 - Assignment of College Car to the President

The Board authorizes the assignment of a college car to the president. Recognizing the varied schedule and functions in which the president is called upon to represent the college, it is the intent of the Board to allow as liberal use of the car by the president as permitted within applicable laws and regulations. Specific local guidelines concerning use of the car are as follows:

  1. Use of the car by the president is considered to be for college business purposes.
  2. Personal use of the car by the president, including commuting, is permitted, provided reimbursement of the cost of such use, except for de minimus personal use, is made on a monthly basis. The amount to be reimbursed will be determined according to applicable Internal Revenue Service guidelines and the percentage of personal use for the month.
  3. A travel log is to be filled out on a daily or trip basis when the car is in use. The travel log is to be submitted to the college Business Office following the end of each month and will be used to determine the amount of personal use reimbursement that is due.
  4. Insurance for the car will be provided by the college as part of the policy coverage for all other college vehicles.
  5. The president will be responsible for routinely checking the car to insure proper oil level, radiator water and antifreeze levels, battery water level, condition of belts and hoses, proper tire inflation, and other normal car care measures. The college will be responsible for the cost of maintaining the car. The president should arrange for safety inspections, preventive maintenance, and vehicle repairs through the college Maintenance Department whenever possible.

At the request of the president, the Board may permit the president to use his or her personal vehicle in lieu of being assigned a college car. When use of a personal vehicle is authorized, reimbursement for vehicle use while on college business will be made at the state-approved mileage rate and/or through payment of a monthly travel allowance approved by the Board.

Adopted: September 30, 1997

Revised: July 20, 2010