Policy 1.03 - Philosophy on Administrative Support

The Board will not be subject to undue pressure from political, religious, or other external bodies. Furthermore, the governing Board will protect the administration from similar pressures.The Board insists on following organizational channels and having strong administrative leadership.

The Board has adopted the following position of support of the President’s Office to assure maximum administrative and operational effectiveness.It is the responsibility of all employees to understand, observe, and respect this position of the Board:

The Board speaks with one official voice through the chair to the president and through the president to the employees. The voice reflects official Board decisions and not personal opinions of individual Board members.

The president is fully supported in his/her recommendations for renewal, non-renewal or termination of contracts for present administrative and faculty positions and for the initiation of contracts. It is understood that the president will provide reasons for his/her recommendations to the Board.

Access to the Board by employees for reporting purposes or grievance purposes is condoned only through an appellate process recommended by the president and approved by the Board.

The Board has confidence in the president and fully delegates to him/her or his/her designee the authority to represent the college in matters not specifically reserved for the board, including, but not limited to, entering into contracts, managing facilities, and developing agreements with other institutions. This delegation is in recognition of the fact that the president or his/her designee needs a broad scope of operational authority in order to effectively execute Board policy.

Adopted: October 10, 1973

Revised: July 25, 1989, July 20, 2010

Reviewed: July 20, 2010