Procedure 8.05.01 - Accident Reporting


  1. When an accident occurs it is the responsibility of the employee to report the injury (regardless of the severity) to their supervisor immediately and seek prompt medical attention as outlined below.
  2. Supervisors will be notified promptly of all occupational injuries and illnesses, no matter how slight
  3. All accidents will be reported to the Director of Human Resources within twenty-four hours in order to facilitate claims filing
  4. Minor injuries will be treated locally with follow up to the Human Resources office the following day
  5. If medical attention is necessary, authorization must be obtained from the Director of Human Resources or VP of Operations Finance prior to receiving treatment
  6. The college cannot guarantee payment and proper care for employees who seek outside medical attention for a work related injury without prior approval. All cases are subject to review by the insurance carrier.
  7. Should an employee experience discomfort from a work related injury during off duty hours they should notify their immediate supervisor or the Director of Human Resources who will assess the situation and provide direction.
  8. Once an employee has received medical attention they should report back to the Director of Human Resources with documentation from the health care provider.
  9. The college provides restricted duty for any work restriction identified by the treating physician (for work related injuries or illnesses). The college and the employee must follow physician’ guidelines
  10. Unsafe conditions or unsafe acts should be reported immediately

Accident Investigation

The supervisor and the Director of Human Resources will conducts an accident investigation for every incident that occurs. This is to determine cause and corrective action, not to find fault. However, if an unsafe act, short cut or failure to comply with rules and/or guidelines is determined to have occurred, disciplinary action may be issued to the employee.