Procedure 8.04.01 - Accident Control

Responsibility Personal Health and Safety – Staff and Faculty

All employees, regardless of their level, have a personal responsibility for the safety and health of employees and students within their supervision and must ensure that all policies and procedures regarding safety are followed.

Personal Health and Safety – Employees and Students

Each employee and student has the responsibility for becoming familiar, understanding and complying with all safety regulations established by the college. Employees of the college are responsible for performing their work in a safe manner. The president to the first line supervisor is charged with implementation of four major tasks that are basic to the success of the college’s safety program

  1. Motivating employees to be safety conscious both on and off the job
  2. Provide a work area that meets or exceeds all safety requirements
  3. Inspection of work areas to identify and correct safety hazards and potential safety problems
  4. Immediately investigating any accident that occurs to determine causes and corrective actions