Policy 8.02.01 - College Emergency Delay & Closing

The President or the vice presidents will determine the appropriate course of action when facing a weather-related emergency.  To promote consistency of operations and communications a decision to cancel or curtail work schedules will be within one of the options below.

  1. The college will close and only emergency personnel may be required to report to work.
  2. The College will open at 10:00 am. Classes that begin before 10:00 am will not meet.  Classes that begin at 10:00 am or later will meet as scheduled.
  3. The college will open at 5:00 pm. Only classes that begin after 5:00 pm will meet.
  4. The college will close at a specified time. Classes that begin at or after the specified time will not meet.  Classes and other college activities should operate normally until the specified time.  Classes that would meet for 30 minutes or less before the specified closing time will not meet.

College personnel at offsite locations will follow the college’s announced work schedule unless the offsite location issues a more restrictive work schedule.

The decision to close the college or curtail work schedules will be announced as soon as practicable.  Designated personnel will announce the decision to curtail work schedules or close the college through the SCC Inclement Weather and Emergency Situation Announcement procedure.